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BPI Step Up Housing Loan

Comparison Between BPI Step Up Housing Loan Vs. Regular Loan Monthly Payment BPI STEP UP HOUSING LOAN – Here is a comparison of its monthly dues versus the monthly amortization under the regular loan offer. Nowadays, more and more people are realizing the edge of starting early in acquiring a residential property. It is really [...]

Oil Price Hike

Update on Oil Price Hike – 3rd Increase this January 2022 OIL PRICE HIKE – The authorities in the oil industry expressed that a big-time increase in oil prices is expected on January 18, 2022. When it comes to the prices of oil products, it is not stable compared with other products which usually stick [...]


BSP Speaks on 2021 PH Cash Remittances BSP – Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas revealed the cash remittances of the Philippines in November 2021 and from January to November last year. A huge part of the Filipino populace works abroad. Some are employed on sea-based jobs like the seafarers while others are on land-based jobs in [...]

Thailand Visitor Fee

Foreign Travelers Must Pay Thailand Visitor Fee To Enter the Country THAILAND VISITOR FEE – The government will implement a visitor fee for foreign travelers beginning April 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly pulled the economy of several nations. Long lockdowns prevented businesses’ full operation and many firms had no choice but to shut down. [...]

BPI - Bank of Philippine Islands

BPI Gives Advisory on Bond Offers BPI – The Bank of the Philippine Islands announced the changes on the offer period of its 4th tranche of bonds under the P100 billion bond program. When it comes to growing wealth, there are several options that you can choose from – but, be aware that most of [...]

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DTI Business Name Registration Fee

Guide on DTI Business Registration Fee Based on Business Scope DTI BUSINESS NAME REGISTRATION FEE – Here is a guide on how much you must prepare based on the scope of your business. Starting a business is not all about getting a space where you can sell your products, choosing the things you will include [...]

DTI Business Name Registration

Guide on DTI Business Name Registration – Steps on Registering Online DTI BUSINESS NAME REGISTRATION – Here’s a guide on how to register the name of your business to the Department of Trade and Industry online. Like in other countries, there are several basic processes in the Philippines if you want to start a legal [...]

Renew Business Permit

How To Renew Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit RENEW BUSINESS PERMIT – Here is a guide on the steps for the renewal of your Business Permit or the Mayor’s Permit. To operate a business in the Philippines, it has to be registered first. You can’t just rent an establishment and start selling your products to [...]

Business Permit Renewal Cost

Guide on Business Permit Renewal Cost for First Time Business Owners BUSINESS PERMIT RENEWAL COST – Here is a guide on how much you must prepare in renewing your business permit or Mayor’s Permit. While many people were able to grow their money through a profitable business, running a business is not as easy as [...]

Requirements for Business Permit Renewal

Guide on Requirements for Business Permit Renewal at LGU’s Business Registration Center REQUIREMENTS FOR BUSINESS PERMIT RENEWAL – Here is a list of the documents that you must prepare in renewing your Mayor’s Permit. While some businesses like baking goodies at home to be sold to the people you know do not require a business [...]