SSS Membership for Kasambahay — How To Register & the Requirements

SSS Membership for Kasambahay

Guide on SSS Membership Application Process SSS MEMBERSHIP FOR KASAMBAHAY – For individuals who are working in a household, here’s a guide on how to register and the requirements. In the Philippines, more and more household employers want to widen the financial resources and options of the people working for them. Thus, a lot of … Read more

SSS Loans — Full List of Offers Members May Apply For

SSS Loans

Guide on the SSS Loans For the Members SSS LOANS – Here is a full list of the loan offers that the members of the Social Security System may apply for. In the Philippines, one of the giants in term of social insurance is the Social Security System or more popularly called SSS. It has … Read more

SSS Salary Loan Ready To Help Members Address their Cash Needs

SSS Salary Loan

Guide on the SSS Salary Loan Offer for Members SSS SALARY LOAN – The Social Security System members may apply for the multi-purpose cash loan offer, the Salary Loan. One of the most popular loan offers of the Social Security System is the Salary Loan. It is a loan option that members may turn to … Read more

SSS Salary Loan Requirements You Must Submit To Apply — A GUIDE

SSS Salary Loan Requirements

Lists of SSS Salary Loan Requirements for Application Process SSS SALARY LOAN REQUIREMENTS – Here are the documents that you must submit to the Social Security System to apply for the offer. Have you heard about the SSS Salary Loan offer and you are interested to apply for it? It can be an excellent financial … Read more

SSS Housing Loan May Fund Your House Repair & Home Improvement Projects

SSS Housing Loan

Guide on the SSS Housing Loan Offer for Members SSS HOUSING LOAN – You may turn to the Social Security System for the financing of your house repair or home improvement projects. Undeniably, the most popular housing loan offer provided by a government entity is the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan. Meanwhile, for the individuals who are … Read more