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PSBank HOME LOAN: Requirements For Home Loan With Prime Rebates

Here are the requirements for PSBank Home Loan

PSBank HOME LOAN – These are the requirements needed to avail the PSBank Home Loan with Prime Rebates that makes buying your own home fulfilling.

PSBank offers faster loan approval and with convenient housing loan terms. Aside from this, PSBank promises great rewards for their customers. This home loan is fit for these options: purchasing a house and lot, townhouse, condominium unit or residential lot, or construct your own house.

The bank is also offering transfer from your current bank or developer with high interest. NOTE: Condominium units and properties purchased from non-accredited developers shall follow the standard Home Loan decision of 5 days or less via SMS.

PSBank Home Loan

Here are the needed requirement:

  • Completely filled-out PSBank Home Loan application form
  • Cash or Check payable to Philippine Savings Bank as non-refundable payment for appraisal fees
  • Photocopy of Transfer/Condominium Certificate of Title (TCT/CCT) Contract to Sell/Reservation Agreement (if acquiring from an accredited developer)
  • Valid photo-bearing IDs with signature opy of Court Decision on Annulment and Certificate of Finality of Decision (if annulled)
  • Copy of Court Decision on Legal Separation and Certificate of Finality of Decision (if legally separated)

For employed applicants, here are the needed documents to prepare:

  • Latest Certificate of Employment
  • Income Tax Return or BIR Form 2316 or 2306

If applicant is in business or in professional practice, here are the requirements:

  • Latest BIR Form 1701 with BIR stamp
  • Latest Audited Financial Statement with BIR stamp

PSBank is also offering home loan for overseas Filipino applicants and here are requirements:

Non-Immigrant (contractual worker), any of the following:

  • Consularized Certificate of Employment
  • Job contract
  • Non-consularized Certificate of Employment AND payslip or proof of remittance for the past 3-6 months

and any of the following:

  • Proof of remittance for the past three to six months
  • Pay slips for the past three months
  • Latest Income Tax Return

Immigrant, Certificate of Employment and any of the following:

  • Income Tax Return
  • Proof of Remittance or Pay slip for the past 3-6 months

Meanwile, here are additional requirements for refinancing:

  • Proof of Payment of amortization for the last three (3) months
  • Latest Statement of Account from Mortgage

For construction, here additional requirements: Floor and Building Plans

  • Building Specifications
  • Bill of Materials
  • Estimates of Construction and Labor costs

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