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AUB Cash Salary Loan – How Much Is the Required Income in Applying

Guide on How Much Is the Required Income in Applying for AUB Cash Salary Loan

AUB CASH SALARY LOAN – Here is a guide on how much is the required income in applying for the salary loan offer of the Asia United Bank.

Nowadays, most households got high monthly expenses thus the salaries of the working members of the salary usually do not fit. Are you one of those who constantly look for options to get some money to make ends meet?

You may turn to loans for some financial assistance. They are provided by the lending companies, some government agencies, and banks. One of these banks is the Asia United Bank or more commonly called as AUB.

You may apply for the AUB Cash Salary Loan – if the company you are working for is accredited to the bank. If you are the employer, you may get your business accredited to assist your employees further in their needs.

AUB Salary Loan

To be eligible to apply for the said salary loan offer, the applicant must be working for the company for at least a year already. He or she must be on a regular status.

Based on an article on eCompare Mo, there is a required income in applying for AUB Personal Loan. The applicant must be earning at least Php 180,000.00 annually.

Do you want to have some ideas on how much is the loanable amount under this AUB loan offer? Here is a guide about the range of the amount and as well as the process in applying for it – AUB PERSONAL LOAN – How To Apply, Requirements & Loanable Amounts.

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