BDO Home Loan 2024 Ready To Help You Achieve Your Dream House

Guide on the BDO Home Loan 2024 Offer’s Features

BDO HOME LOAN 2024 – Here is a guide on the BDO Unibank loan offer that is ready to help you achieve your dream house.

Are you looking for a bank that can help finance your residential property purchase? In the Philippines, one of the trusted banks that you may turn to is BDO Unibank.

BDO Unibank is one of the biggest banks in the country. The reputable banking entity is in the service of the Filipino people for several decades already and has continually grew its offers which include:

  • savings and checking bank accounts
  • credit cards
  • investment services
  • insurance policies
  • loans

One of the loan offers of BDO Unibank is BDO Home Loan which is open to finance several purposes including the following:

  • purchase of real estate property
    • house and lot
    • vacant lot
    • townhouse
    • condiminium unit
  • House Construction
  • Home Equity Loan to use your house as the collateral to obtain funds for home renovation, medical, education, and other personal needs.

The BDO Home Loan offer has helped countless individuals achieve their dream house. Some bought ready-for-occupancy units while others bought a vacant residential lot under the loan offer and built their unique dream home.

The bank takes pride in its loan offer having huge loanable amounts, flexible loan terms, and light payment options. The loan is payable for up to 20 years with up to a five-year option to lock your loan in your chosen interest rate to protect it from interest changes.

Not only that, BDO Unibank also offers a 60-day grace period under its BDO Home Loan offer. Thus, the first payment does not start after a month right away but after 60 days since the loan was released.

Furthermore, for the first six (6) monthly installments, you only have to pay for the interest. The principal and interest payments only start after the 6th month.

BDO Home Loan Qualifications

BDO Unibank has set qualifications in applying for the loan offer. It is open not only for Filipinos but as well as overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

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