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BDO PERSONAL LOAN FEES – How Much Will Be Deducted From Loan Proceeds

Guide on the BDO Personal Loan Fees in Applying

BDO PERSONAL LOAN FEES – Here is a guide on how much will be deducted from your loan proceeds in applying for BDO Unibank’s personal loan offer.

A lot of people prefer applying for person loan offers because they are multi-purpose. One of the banks that has this type of loan offer is BDO Unibank. There are three(3) BDO Personal Loans that you can choose from – the BDO Personal Loan and the BDO Kabayan Personal Loan Secured and Unsecured.

If you are locally employed and want a non-collateral loan, you may go for the BDO Personal Loan. It is open to fund several purposes including:

  • payment of school fees
  • home renovation
  • funding of special events
  • payment of medical emergencies
  • purchase of an appliance
  • funding a travel
BDO Personal Loan Fees

BDO Unibank has set some eligibility qualifications in applying for its Personal Loan offer. An applicant must be 21 years old and above but not more than 70 years old when the loan ends. Both employed and self-employed individuals may apply for the loan. Also, he or she must have a mobile number and at least one(1) landline phone number.

Do you want to know how much you can borrow under this loan offer? You may visit – BDO LOANS: Loanable Amounts For Personal Loan.

In applying for any loan, there are charges implemented most especially for the processing. Based on an article on eCompare Mo, the BDO Personal Loan fees may be deducted from the loan proceeds. The loan processing fee and dispersal fees is at Php 1,300.00.

BDO Personal Loan Fees – Php 1,300.00

Are you planning to pursue a personal loan application with BDO Unibank? For a guide on the process and the documents that you need to prepare, you may visit – BDO PERSONAL LOAN: How To Apply For Personal Loan To Banco de Oro.

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