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BDO PERSONAL LOANS – List of Required Income Based On Borrower’s Job

Guide on the Required Income In Applying for the BDO Personal Loans Based on Job of Borrower

BDO PERSONAL LOANS – Here is a list of the required monthly income in applying for each personal loan offer of BDO Unibank.

The BDO Unibank is one of the largest banks in the Philippines with several services offered to the public. You may apply for a savings or a deposit account to BDO or you may also apply for credit cards that can aid you in emergency purposes.

Aside from credit cards, the bank provides several under turn-tos in the face of financial emergency. They are the loans offered to the public and as well as to exclusive groups of people. Are you looking for a loan that can serve several purposes?

The multi-purpose loan offers of the bank are the BDO Personal Loans. There is a personal loan offer that is open for everyone while there are two(2) other loans under the Kabayan Program that are exclusive.

BDO Personal Loans

Based on the official website of BDO Unibank, the loans under the Kabayan Program are an unsecured and a secured loan offer. Here are their target groups of people:

  • BDO Kabayan Personal Loan Unsecured – a non-collateral multi-purpose loan offer for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) with fixed income.
  • BDO Kabayan Personal Loan Secured – this collateral loan is offered “against hold-out on Joint or Individual account deposits maintained with BDO as security”.

In applying for the BDO Personal Loans, there is a required minimum monthly income set for eligibility purposes. Here is a list of the income requirement in applying based on the job of the borrower:

  • BDO Personal Loan
    • For Employees – Php 120,000.00
    • For Self-Employed Applicants – Php 400,000.00
    • For Professionals – Php 400,000.00
  • BDO Kabayan Program
    • Overseas Filipino Worker – Php 20,000.00
    • Seaman – Pho 20,000.00
    • Unskilled Workers – Php 20,000.00
    • Domestic Helpers – Php 20,000.00

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