BPI LOANS: List of Loan Offers by Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

List of the Bank of the Philippine Islands / BPI Loans

BPI LOANS – Here is a list of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) loan offers.

Nowadays, a lot of people are considering applying for a loan as many banks opened opportunities to avail it. In fact, most of the banks in the Philippines including the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) are offering several types of loan.

The usual loan offers of the banks are the personal loan, the auto loan, and the house loan. With BPI, aside from the three(3) aforementioned loan offers, it also offers a business loan under the “Ka Negosyo Loan”.

Do you want to know more about the BPI loans?

BPI Loans

The different BPI loans may vary in terms of requirements, eligibility qualifications, loanable amounts, and the process in applying for it. One of the easiest to apply for is the personal loan.

With regards to the housing and the car loans, it may have other additional requirements about the property to be bought.

Here is a list of the BPI loans and as well as some guide on their purposes and the application process:

BPI Personal Loan

This type of loan is very flexible most especially in terms of the purpose of applying for it. You can apply for it to pay for the utility bills, to travel, to purchase a gadget, etc.

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BPI Housing Loan

You may apply for this type of loan to purchase a house and lot, a condominium unit, or other residential properties. You may start your application online.

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BPI Car Loan / Auto Loan

Do you want to acquire your own car? You may apply for the BPI Car Loan or Auto Loan. The loan offer may come with a free comprehensive car insurance.

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BPI Ka-Negosyo Business Loan

The BPI Ka-Negosyo Business Loan may be used in starting a franchise business. The bank also offers assistance on finding a franchise. To apply, you may visit – https://www.kanegosyo.com/.

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  1. pwede ba ako maka loan ng car pang grab car ko po a g erk ko nmn po nw ay nag grabfood po ako kumukita ako ng 2000 everyday.sana makatulong po kyu sa akin…

  2. Hi, just want to inquire how much would be the 1st loan for ka negosyo loan? And the maximum loan terms and interest rate. Thank you.

  3. im a private company employee.regular and 58y.o.my salary is short now.it happened wen i was diagnosed wd covid and hv been isolated for almost a month.no compensation or any assistance frm our company.i need a small amt to pay off utility bills and buy something for our sari sari store to generate at least a 100 pesos a day to save again.dnt wori abt the payment i can assign my salary to pay for that if ever


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