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BPI Zero Cash-Out Auto Loan – How Much will be the Deposit Hold Out

Guide on BPI Zero Cash-Out Auto Loan Offer’s Deposit Hold Out

BPI ZERO CASH OUT AUTO LOAN – Here is a guide on the deposit hold out under this promo offer under the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Auto Loan.

Aside from buying a residential property, another big purchase that is truly worth it is getting a car. Surely, most people have their so-called “dream car”.

The benefits of having your own car are no secret to the public. You can get to your target destination at the time you need to and the speed that is safe for you and your loved ones, you can instantly go somewhere when there is an emergency, you can limit your exposure to many people, etc.

However, on the other side of the benefits is the truth that a car purchase requires a huge amount of money. While some can do it in cash, even the wealthiest people are hesitant to pay such a huge amount. Many of them would consider loans.

BPI Zero Cash-Out Auto Loan
Screengrabbed from BPI

If you are looking for an auto loan, one of the banks that you can turn to is the Bank of the Philippine Islands. It is more commonly called BPI. What many people love about this bank is that it has promos from time to time.

Currently, the BPI Zero Cash-Out Auto Loan is one that you can grab. Instead of being pressured to prepare an amount for the downpayment, the bank will observe a deposit hold out as the downpayment.

How much will be the deposit hold out under the BPI Zero Cash-Out Auto Loan? The bank will base on the unit price of your target vehicle. It will be equal to 20% of the unit price of the car.

This promo is only open for brand new vehicles and the car must be for private use only. You may visit – BPI.

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