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CBS Bank Personal Loan – Is Collateral / Guarantor Required in Applying?

Guide on Whether Collateral / Guarantor is Needed in Applying for CBS Bank Personal Loan

CBS BANK PERSONAL LOAN – Here is a guide on whether a collateral or a guarantor is required in applying for the China Bank Savings Personal Loan or not.

Nowadays, running out of cash is not anymore a very rare thing to most people. The increasing monthly expenses is a factor to it. To make ends meet, most people search for options on where to borrow money.

Among the options are applying for a loan to a lending company, a government institution, or a bank. With regards to banks offering loans, one of them is the China Bank Savings or more commonly called as CBS.

CBS Bank Personal Loan

Under the CBS Bank Personal Loan, an approved applicant may borrow up to Php 1,000,000.00. There is a few list of requirements in applying for the said offer. The following documents must be prepared:

  • Fully-Accomplished Loan Application Form
  • For Employed Applicants:
    • Photocopy of two (2) IDs (one company ID and one issued by the government with specimen signature)
    • Photocopy of latest three (3) months payslip or latest ITR with 1-month payslip
  • For Self-Employed Applicants:
    • Photocopy of two (2) government IDs bearing specimen signature
  • List of Customers or Suppliers with Contact Information
  • Photocopy of Credit Card Statement of Account

Is collateral or guarantor required in applying for CBS Bank Personal Loan?

In other loans, a collateral or a guarantor is needed in applying. With regards to the CBS Bank Personal Loan, it is collateral and guarantor free. You may apply for it even without presenting any property to be forfeited in case you cannot pay for the loan. Meanwhile, all applications are subject to the bank’s approval.

You might want to know how much you can borrow and how to apply for the said offer. You may visit – China Bank Savings Loan – How To Apply & Requirements for Personal Loan Offer.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this matter. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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