Chinabank Salary Cash Loan Widens Employees’ Financial Options

Guide on the Chinabank Salary Cash Loan Offer for Employees of Accredited Companies

CHINABANK SALARY CASH LOAN – You can accredit your company to Chinabank to widen your employees’ financial options.

Nowadays, more and more companies are in the pursuit of providing financial solutions to their employees on top of the regular salary they receive every month. Truth be told that the high inflation rate in the Philippines have caused the budget of countless people to fall short. Many companies offer loans to their employees.

Chinabank Salary Cash Loan
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Aside from the company loan offers, some firms also accredit to banks and lending companies to widen the resources of their employees. One of the banks in the country that offer accreditation to companies and businesses is Chinabank.

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The employees of companies that are accredited to Chinabank may apply for the Chinabank Salary Cash Loan offer. The bank boasts its offer with the following features:

  • Boosted employee benefits
  • Convenient for employees
  • Affordable rates and easy repayment
  • Flexible loan purpose

The Chinabank Salary Cash Loan offer is multi-purpose. It is open for travel, emergency expenses, home renovation, car repair, etc. It is easy and accessible as employees of accredited companies may apply for the loan offer through the company’s HR.

Chinabank assures companies and employees with preferential rates. The repayment is easy and can be done through a salary deduction. To qualify for the loan offer, here are the eligibility requirements set by the bank:

  • a regular employee
  • at least 21 years old but not more than 65 years old at the time of the loan maturity
  • earning a gross monthly salary of Php 15,000
  • minimum work tenure of two (2) years
  • has no pending case/s or is not subject to any internal investigation or complaint
  • has no adverse credit findings

In applying for the offer, there are requirements for Chinabank Salary Loan that employees must prepare and submit. The loan application can be submitted to the HR of the company thus the employee does not have to leave work for a day for the loan application process.

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