CHINABANK LOANS – Full List of China Bank Loan Offers You May Apply For

Guide on the Chinabank Loans Offered to the Public

CHINABANK LOANS – Here is a full list of the China Bank loan offers you may apply for to get some assistance for a purpose.

In the Philippines, among the turn-tos of the people amid the need for some cash assistance are the banks. They offer financial aid in the form of loan offers and one of the banks offering it is the Chinabank.

When it comes to the loan offers, the bank has two – a home loan and an auto loan. Each of them serves different purposes.

Chinabank Loans

Based on the official website of the bank, here are some details regarding the Chinabank loans offered to the public:

China Bank HomePlus

You may apply for the China Bank HomePlus for any of the following purposes:

  • Purchase of a lot or a house and lot
  • Home construction
  • Home renovation
  • Residential property purchase reimbursement
  • Refinancing of an existing home loan

With regards to the payment terms, you may pay for up to 25 years for a house and lot, 15 years for vacant lots, and 10 years for condominium units.

China Bank AutoPlus

If you are into purchasing a brand new or second-hand vehicle or the reimbursement of a car purchase, you may seek some financial assistance through the China Bank AutoPlus. It offers transparent dealings and no hidden charges.

Also, the bank assures low interest rates, low monthly amortization, very low downpayment, and longer payment tenor under the AutoPlus loan offer.

To apply for any of the aforementioned Chinabank loans, you may visit –

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