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DBP Credit Salary Loan – How Much Is the Monthly Payment for 150K Loan

Guide on How Much Is the Monthly Payment Under DBP Credit Salary Loan If You’ll Borrow 150K

DBP CREDIT SALARY LOAN – Here is a guide on how much is the monthly payment if you’ll borrow Php 150,000.00 under the Development Bank of the Philippines loan.

Undeniably, nowadays, the daily expenses is really far from before. It is partly affected by the increase on the prices of some goods and services. Many Filipino families fall short their budget which usually depends on the monthly salary.

The monthly salary has to be divided in several expenses – on food, daily transportation fees, utility bills etc. For those who have children, there would be payments for school and some medical emergencies are hard to avoid.

When in the face of financial emergencies, there are options that we may consider. One is applying for a loan offer. One of the banks that offer loan is the Development Bank of the Philippines or more commonly called as DBP.

DBP Credit Salary Loan

The said government bank offers the DBP Credit Salary Loan. It is open to assist government employees in their financial needs. Under the said offer, the cash can be obtained in as fast as five (5) working days.

Also, under this loan offer, there is utmost convenience in repaying for it. It can be through salary deductions provided that the employer has a tie-up arrangement with the bank.

How much you can borrow under this DBP loan?

  • Minimum Loanable Amount – Php 10,000.00
  • Maximum Loanable Amount – Php 1,000,000.00

Are you planning to borrow Php 150,000.00 under the said loan offer?

You may borrow Php 150,000.00 under the DBP Credit Salary Loan subject to the approval of the bank. The possible monthly payment will vary depending on the loan term. Here is a list of how much you must pay for:

  • 12-Month Term – Php 13,327.25
  • 24-Month Term – Php 7,061.05
  • 36-Month Term – Php 4,982.22
  • 48-Month Term – Php 4,174.55

Do you want to apply for the loan? You may visit – DBP SALARY LOAN: How To Apply For Salary Loan To DBP.

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