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HSBC Personal Loan Fees – List of Charges Under this Loan Offer

Guide on HSBC Personal Loan Fees & Charges Implemented by Bank

HSBC PERSONAL LOAN FEES – Here is a list of the charges under the personal loan offer of Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).

There are several banks in the Philippines that people may turn to in times of financial needs. One of these banks is Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation or more commonly called as HSBC.

The HSBC Personal Loan features fast approval, personalized loan terms, and convenient payment channels. You may repay the loan in 6, 12, 24, or 36 months.

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HSBC Personal Loan Fees

Like in other loans, there are HSBC Personal Loan fees and charges implemented by the bank. Some are upon the application while others are based on circumstances like delayed payment.

HSBC Personal Loan Fees & Charges

  • Processing Fee: PHP1,500 (deducted form loan proceeds)
  • Late Payment Fee: 36% per annum on overdue payment
  • Amendment Fee: PHP500.00 per amendment after drawdown (for modification of loan details)
  • Breaking Cost: To be computed as described in the HSBC website and in the HSBC Easy Guide to Bank Services and Charges (upon loan pre-termination)
  • Overdue Interest Charge: 36% per annum on all overdue installments
  • Documentary Stamp Tax (DST): 0.75% of the drawn loan amount (deducted from loan proceeds). Loan amounts of up to PHP250,000 which are used for personal purposes are exempt from DST

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