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Requirements for Landbank Home Loan: What You Need to Prepare

List of Requirements for Landbank Home Loan Offer Application

REQUIREMENTS FOR LANDBANK HOME LOAN – Here is a guide on the documents that you need to prepare in applying for Landbank Home Easy Loan.

One of the biggest dreams that many people share is getting a residential property. What is your target – a house and lot? A condominium unit? A townhouse? or do you want to buy a vacant residential property and build your dream house on it?

While this huge dream is very sweet to think about, there is another truth that holds a lot of people to the ground – a residential property purchase requires a huge amount of money. Many people are not ready to do it in cash even those who have savings in the bank. They would still prefer applying for a loan so they can use their money for other purposes to grow it.

One of the banks that you can turn to with regards to home loans is Landbank of the Philippines. This government-owned bank may assist you in residential property purchases. refinancing home loans, and building construction.

Requirements for Landbank Home Loan

The requirements for Landbank Home Loan application may differ depending on the employment or the source of income of the applicant. Furthermore, the requirements may differ, too, depending on the target residential property to purchase, construct, or the loan to be refinanced.

Requirements for Landbank Home Loan Application:

Employed Individuals:

  • Personal Information Data Sheet
  • Certificate of employment
  • Latest pay slip indicating net take home pay of borrower
  • Any two of the following latest Billing Statements:
    • Electric Bill
    • Phone Bill
    • Water Bill
    • Credit Card Bill
    • TV Subscription Bill

Private individuals owning their business / With an established source of income:

  • Business Registration and Licenses
  • Biodata
  • BIR-stamped Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns for the last three years

For both employed and private individuals with businesses:

  • For condominium unit
    • Master Deed of Restriction
    • Building and Unit Floor Plan
    • HLURB Permit to Sell
    • HLURB Locational Clearance

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