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PSBank Personal Loan – Who Are Eligible To Apply for This Loan Offer

Guide on PSBank Personal Loan Eligibility Requirements

PSBANK PERSONAL LOAN – Here is a guide on who are eligible to apply for this loan offer of the Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank).

There are several banks in the Philippines with multiple loan offers. One of them is the Philippine Savings Bank or more commonly called as PSBank. It is a subsidiary bank of Metrobank which is one of the largest in the field.

PSBank has several offers – from deposit accounts to investment products to insurance policies to loans and many more. Most of its offers are open for the public.

PSBank Personal Loan

Are you looking for a multi-purpose loan? You may turn to the PSBank Personal Loan which is a parent of two offers – a revolving credit line and a term loan.

Under the revolving credit line, the monthly amortization may increase or decrease depending on the status of the loan. With regards to the fixed term loan, there are “periodic payments usually over a certain fixed period”.

Who are eligible to apply for PSBank Personal Loan? The following are the qualifications set by the bank:

  • Filipino individuals residing in the Philippines
  • Age of borrower should range from 22 years old to 54 years old upon application
  • With stabe source of income
    • If employed, at least two years permanent work status with one year tenure in current employer
    • If self-employed, must be operating profitably for the last three years
  • With residential landline or mobile number, business landline and email address
  • Preferably an active credit cardholder

To apply, you may visit the branch of PSBank nearest to you and obtain the loan application form. The requirements depend on your employment status. Secure a list from the bank the requirements that suit your employment status.

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