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PSBank Online Loan Inquiry – How To Inquire For Your Loan Online

Guide on PSBank Online Loan Inquiry For Convenience & Safety

PSBANK ONLINE LOAN INQUIRY – Here is a guide on how to inquire for your loan account to the Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) online.

In the Philippines, one of the banks that has operated for several decades now is the Philippine Savings Bank. More commonly called as PSBank, it is a subsidiary bank of Metrobank.

PSBank is the second largest savings bank in the country following BPI Family Savings. Its main office is in Makati but it has several branches nationwide now.

PSBank got a lot of offers to the public – from deposit accounts to loans and investment products to insurance policies and many more products and services the public may apply for.


When it comes to loans who are undeniably among the well-sought offers of banks, PSBank got four (4) offers such as the following:

You may apply to the Auto Loan and the Home Loan offers to make big purchases without dealing with a one-time full payment for a house or a car. You might also like to apply for a multi-purpose loan, the PSBank Flexi Personal Loan.

If you already have an existing loan account with the bank, you may monitor or check on your account online. You don’t anymore have to go to a branch of the bank.

The Philippine Savings Bank has set up a PSBank Online Loan Inquiry system. You only need to prepare your account number and some personal and contact information.

Do you want to check on your loan account online? For the PSBank Online Loan Inquiry system, you may visit – https://ecredit.psbank.com.ph/QLI/.

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