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Requirements For PSBank SME Business Credit Line Application

Guide on Requirements for PSBank SME Business Credit Line Offer of Philippine Savings Bank

REQUIREMENTS FOR PSBANK SME BUSINESS LOAN CREDIT LINE – Here is a list of the documents needed in applying for this offer of the Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank).

A lot of people were able to uplift their status in life because of a progressive business. However, truths be told that no matter how in-demand your business is, if you do not have enough capital, it won’t succeed at its maximum or a fast rate.

Meanwhile, there are several ways to secure your working capital or, at least, to prepare resources you can turn to for huge projects. Among these are bank offers.

Requirements For PSBank SME Business Credit Line

The Philippine Savings Bank or more commonly called as PSBank is one of those with several business offers. One of it is the SME Business Credit Line. You may apply for it to:

  • obtain a working capital
  • prepare a quick access to funds that will allow you to get funds even without promissory notes

There are requirements for PSBank SME Business Credit Line application. It will depend on your collateral which may be a real estate property or a time deposit.

Lists of Requirements for PSBank SME Business Credit Line
  • For SME Loans with Real Estate Property Collateral
    • Completely filled-out and signed Business Loan Application Form and Statement of Assets & Liabilities
    • Two (2) valid IDs
    • Business registration papers: DTI Certificate of Registration
    • SEC Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, General Information Sheet
    • Company profile and ownership structure
    • Income Tax Returns with Audited Financial Statements for the last 2 to 3 years duly stamped “received” by the BIR
    • Waiver of Confidentiality of Client’s Information and/or Authority of the Bank to Conduct Random Verification with the BIR (as indicated in the application form)
    • Interim Financial Statements, if available
    • Photocopy of bank statements or passbook within the past 6 full months
    • Photocopy of TCT, tax declaration and vicinity map of the offered collateral
    • Trade References / List of at least five major suppliers and clients with contact names and contact details
  • For SME Loans with Time Deposit Collateral
    • Completely filled-out and signed Business Loan Application Form and Statement of Assets & Liabilities
    • Time Deposit Certificate with signed endorsement at the back portion
    • Two (2) valid IDs
    • DTI or SEC registration/By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation if applicant is the company

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