RCBC Auto Loans 2024 Ready To Finance Your Brand New, Pre-Owned Car Purchase

Guide on RCBC Auto Loans 2024 Features — Drive Your Dream Car Soon!

RCBC AUTO LOANS 2024 – The Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation is ready to finance the car purchase of qualified individuals.

Aside from buying a house, one of the big dreams that is common among many people is getting a car. Are you one of those people who has his/her dream car? Which type of vehicle do you dream to drive?

RCBC Auto Loans 2024
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While it would be cool to be driving your dream car, having your own vehicle really has a lot of benefits. You can always travel at a speed that is safe for you and your family. It is also an emergency preparation as you can get to somewhere even at the wee hours of the day.

There is a long list of advantages in having your own vehicle. Yes, a car purchase requires a huge amount of money but there are entities that provide financing solutions. One of these entities is the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation.

More popularly called RCBC, the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation is one of the longest-operating banks in the country. It has gained the trust of millions of Filipinos. It has several loan offers including the RCBC Personal Loan.

Aside from the multi-purpose cash loan offer, the bank also has the RCBC Auto Loans. They are ready to finance the purchase of both brand new and pre-owned vehicles. The bank boasts its loan offer with low monthly amortization and flexible and worry-free insurance coverage options.

How much is loanable under the RCBC Auto Loans? At least Php 300,000 is loanable under the offer. The loan is payable from 12 months up to 60 months.

With regards to the downpayment, the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation requires only 20% of the selling price of the vehicle. According to the bank, the loan is open not only for four-wheeled vehicles but as well as motorcycle purchase financing.

The loan offer is open for both salaried and non-salaried individuals. There are varying RCBC Auto Loan requirements for application depending on the nature of the source of income of the loan applicant.

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