Requirements for Robinsons Bank Company Accreditation – Here are the Documents Needed

Guide on the Requirements for Robinsons Bank Company Accreditation
(Pre-Accreditation & Post-Accreditation)

REQUIREMENTS FOR ROBINSONS BANK COMPANY ACCREDITATION – Here are the documents needed for a company to be accredited to Robinsons Bank.

In the Philippines, there are companies that are accredited to some banks and institutions in the pursuit to provide a wider range of resources to their employees. One of the banks that offer company accreditation is the Robinsons Bank.

The Robinsons Bank is one of the popular commercial banks in the Philippines and it has several offers both under personal and business categories. Under the latter, it offers company accreditation and the employees of accredited companies may be eligible to apply for a Corporate Salary Loan.

Requirements for Robinsons Bank Company Accreditation
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The loan offer of the bank is multi-purpose and collateral-free. If your company is not yet accredited and you want to apply for accreditation, there are documents that you need to prepare in applying for accreditation.

The Requirements for Robinsons Bank Company Accreditation


  • General Information Sheet
  • Company Accreditation Form
  • Company Profile
  • Audited Financial statement for the past 3 years with Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration, by laws and Articles of incorporation


  • Notarized Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
  • Notice of Approval
  • Notarized Board resolution / Secretary’s Certificate
  • IDs of signatories

To apply for accreditation, go to a branch of Robinsons Bank nearest to your company address and submit your documents. The processing may take a few working days and the bank will notify you regarding the status of your application for accreditation. Approved applications will proceed to the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

Aside from the Corporate Salary Loan offer that is exclusive for the employees of accredited companies, Robinsons Bank has several other loan offers. You may visit – ROBINSONS BANK LOANS – Full List of Robinsons Bank Personal Loan Offers.

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