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Robinsons Bank Credit Card – Who Are Qualified To Apply for DOS Mastercard

Guide on Robinsons Bank Credit Card “DOS Mastercard” Qualifications in Applying

ROBINSONS BANK CREDIT CARD – Here is a guide on who are qualified to apply for the Robinsons Bank DOS Mastercard.

One of the best preparations for the unforeseen circumstances like medical emergencies is a credit card. It may help you get to the next payday even if you do not have a cash on hand.

Truths be told that credit cards have both – positive and negative views. On the part of the latter, a lot of people who were not able to manage its usage well were left in debts by a credit card.

You really need self-discipline and preservation in handling a credit card. You must know when and how to use it.

Robinsons Bank Credit Card

Robinsons Bank is one of the banks that offers several credit cards. One of it is the DOS Mastercard which automatically divides the purchases to a two-month installment.

DOS Mastercard has excellent features aside from this main feature. Feel free to visit – Robinsons Bank DOS Credit Card Excellent Features.

Who are qualified to apply for Robinsons Bank credit card “DOS Mastercard”?

To be eligible to apply for the said offer, the applicant must be:

  • between 21 to 65 years old for primary cardholders
  • at least 16 years old for supplementary cardholders
  • a Filipino citizen or a foreigner residing in the Philippines for at least two (2) years already
  • earning a gross income of Php 180,000.00 annually if single and Php 240,000.00 if married
  • a regular employee or having a business that is operation for at least two (2) years already
  • having a landline number
  • residing in an area within the service regions of Robinsons Bank

There are documents that you must prepare in applying. You may visit – Robinsons Bank Credit Card Requirements in Applying (LIST).

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this Robinsons Bank credit card offer. You may keep coming back for more informative guides and finance articles.

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