Robinsons Bank Housing Loan: Minimum and Maximum Loanable Amounts

Robinsons Bank Housing Loan – How Much You May Borrow Under It

ROBINSONS BANK HOUSING LOAN – Here is a guide on the minimum and the maximum loanable amounts under this Robinsons Bank loan offer.

One of the biggest purchases that can also be an investment is getting a residential property. Truth be told that residential lots are among the few which have values that only go up through the years. Thus, many people are into investing in residential lots.

However, while it is an excellent investment and getting your own house extends the benefits to your loved ones, it also requires a huge amount of money. Thus, many people have not acquired their own house until they are past 35 years old.

Meanwhile, as long as you are not a minor now and your age is not fully past the seniority years, there are a lot of options that you can turn to to make a goal happen – among these are loans.

Robinsons Bank Housing Loan

There are several banks and lending companies in the Philippines that offer loans to the public. One of these is the Robinsons Bank which has multiple loan offers.

With regards to the Robinsons Bank Housing Loan, it is open for several purposes. You may apply for it for:

  • house and lot acquisition
  • vacant lot acquisition
  • condominium unit purchase
  • townhouse acquisition
  • house construction
  • house renovation
  • refinancing or loan take-out
  • home equity loan

You might like to have an idea of how much you may borrow under the Robinsons Bank Housing Loan. Here are the maximum loanable amounts:

  • Accredited Developers – up to 90% of the total contract price
  • Non-Accredited Developers – up to 80% of the total contract price

You might also like to check on how much you must pay monthly to Robinsons Bank under this loan offer. Feel free to visit – Robinsons Bank Home Loan – How Much You Must Pay For Monthly.

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