Security Bank Car Loan Qualifications for Application 2024 — A Guide for Aspiring Clients…

Security Bank Car Loan Qualifications for Individual, Partnership & Corporation Applications

SECURITY BANK CAR LOAN QUALIFICATIONS – Here are the eligibility criteria set by the bank for individual, partnership, and corporation applications.

Are you interested to apply for a car loan offer? Many people are not ready to make a car purchase under a one-time payment. The good thing nowadays is that there are a lot of offers that can finance your vehicle purchase and you can just pay for the car in monthly installments that you can afford.

Security Bank Car Loan Qualifications
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One of the excellent offers that you might like to consider is the Security Bank Car Loan. It can finance a vehicle purchase whether the car is brand new or pre-owned. It is open for both salaried and non-salaried individuals as well as partnerships and corporations.

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The Security Bank’s loan offer is payable for up to 60 monthly installments or five (5) years. It can finance up to 80% of the selling price of the vehicle and it only requires a 20% downpayment which is truly affordable in the case of a vehicle acquisition.

Under the offer, the Security Bank Car Loan qualifications depends if you are applying as an individual, as a partnership or corporation, or as someone who just started a business.

For individuals. If you are employed or self-employed who is applying for the loan offer, here are the qualifications that you must meet to be eligible to apply for the loan offer:

  • Filipino citizens who are residents of the Philippines / Foreign citizens residing in the Philippines with a positive endorsement from the company he is affiliated with & a qualified Filipino citizen guarantor or co-maker in place / Filipino citizens who are residing outside the borders of Philippines but with a guarantor/co-maker in place
  • at least 21 years old at the time of the loan application
  • not more than 65 years old at the end of the loan term
  • earns a minimum joint monthly gross income with spouse of Php 40,000 for the financing of a brand new vehicle or Php 20,000 for the financing of a second hand vehicle
  • employed for at least 2 years or officer position on a permanent / regular basis

For Partnerships and Corporations. The loan offer is also open to finance the purchase of vehicles that will be used for a business owned by partnerships and corporations. Here are the Security Bank Car Loan qualifications:

  • duly registered to operate as a legal entity in the Philippines
  • must be in operation for at least three (3) years

For Start-Up Businesses. Individuals or businesses that have just started in the field may also be eligible to apply for the Security Bank loan offer provided that the following criteria are met:

  • must be operating for less than 3 years, co-makers / sureties are required
  • has strong business prospects/potentials based on evaluation

There is an easy process on how to apply for the Security Bank Car Loan offer. There is a set of documentary requirements that you must prepare and submit to the bank to file a loan application.

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