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UCPB Offers 0% Downpayment & Free Chattel Mortgage Promo On Auto Loan

UCPB Offers Auto Loan Promo Featuring 0% Downpayment & Free Chattel Mortgage

UCPB – The United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) is offering a 0% downpayment and free chattel mortgage promo on its auto loan.

A lot of people are eligible to apply for auto loans offered by various banks but there is still something they’re not prepared for – the downpayment. Undeniably, almost all auto loan offers come with a downpayment.

The required downpayment usually depends on the selling price of the vehicle. Most banks have set a percentage that the borrower must pay for as downpayment.

Meanwhile, for those who are not prepared for the downpayment, you may grab the limited offer of United Coconut Planters Bank or UCPB. It has a promo that features 0% downpayment and free chattel mortgage.


Based on United Coconut Planters Bank, the promo period is from June 15, 2020 to July 31, 2020. Your application must be submitted within this time frame as applications received on August 1, 2020 will be invalid.

This promo is open for all existing depositors and newly solicited clients of the bank. With regards to the vehicles that this promo is open for, it caters to loans for pre-owned cars.

There are eligibility requirements in applying for this loan offer. Feel free to visit – UCPB AUTO Loan – Who Are Eligible To Apply For 0% Downpayment Promo.

According to United Coconut Planters Bank, all applications are subject to the approval of the bank. The UCPB employees and as well as those working for its affiliates and subsidiaries and their advertising agency are not eligible to apply for this promo. Also, their relatives up to the second degree of affinity are not qualified for it.

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