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Guide on UnionBank Go Rewards Visa Credit Card Features & Requirements for Application

UNIONBANK GO REWARDS VISA CREDIT CARD – You can check here the features and requirements in applying for this offer.

Nowadays, more and more people across the globe are planning to acquire at least one credit card after witnessing how this type of card has been beneficial to other people. Are you one of the individuals who are planning to get one?

UnionBank Philippines

If you are looking for a credit card offer, one of the reputable entities that offers this type of card is the UnionBank. It is in the service of countless people across the nation and has several offers for the Filipinos.

Aside from the loans which include the UnionBank Personal Cash Loan and the UnionBank Auto Loan offers, the bank also got credit card offers. It has the UnionBank U Visa Platinum as well as the UnionBank Go Rewards Visa Credit Card which you can check the features below.

UnionBank Go Rewards Visa Credit Card

The UnionBank Go Rewards Visa Credit Card is packed with excellent features and benefits for the cardholders. Here are the privileges and the features of this excellent credit card offer:

  • earn Php 1 Go Rewards Point for every Php 200 spend using the Go Rewards Visa Credit Card anytime, anywhere
  • enjoy a Welcome Gift of 3,000 Go Rewards points
  • enjoy complimentary Go Rewards Black Membership
  • enjoy exclusive deals and offers from Go Rewards Partners for the Go Rewards Visa credit cardholders
  • automatic points crediting
  • Inhouse Installment feature that allows cardholders to pay in fixed monthly installments for a cash advance from the credit limit, the conversion of straight retail transactions, and the transfer of balances from non-UnionBank credit cards
  • up to 53 days credit term with zero interest
  • 24-Hour Customer Service
  • up to Php 2.5 million credit insurance in case of unforeseen life events
  • access to cash advance
  • worldwide acceptance
  • flexible payment terms as you can choose between paying only 4% of the total outstanding balance or Php 400, whichever is higher
  • exclusive perks, freebies and privileges from countless partner merchants
  • sharing of access with your family members through a Supplementary Card
  • convenience payment of bills through your UnionBank Go Rewards Visa Credit Card
  • convert your rewards points into something you enjoy

Do you want to apply for the UnionBank Go Rewards Visa credit card offer? There are only a few qualifications for application. Here is a list of the eligibility criteria that must be met to qualify for the credit card offer:

  • at least 21 years old
  • has a postpaid line or postpaid mobile phone
  • a resident of the Philippines, with a valid Philippine billing address
  • has a Tax Payer’s Identification Number (TIN) and SSS/GSIS/UMID Number
  • other bank credit card accounts in good credit standing

Qualified credit card applicants must submit the documents required by the UnionBank in applying for the credit card offers. Here is a guide on the requirements in applying for the UnionBank Go Rewards Visa Credit Card offer:

  • duly-accomplished UnionBank Credit Card Application Form
  • one (1) photo-bearing, government-issued ID with identification number or date of birth
  • proof of income (whichever is applicable):
    • Pay Slip
    • BIR Form 2316
    • Original Certificate of Employment
    • Latest ITR (1700 or 1701) with BIR or Bank Stamp
  • duly-accomplished UnionBank Credit Card Application Form
  • photocopy of a valid passport or ACR
  • Any of the following proofs of local residency:
    • Immigrant Certificate of Residency (ICR)
    • ACR-I-Card with Visa status “Permanent”, otherwise, should be valid for more than 1 year
    • Visa and Work Permit/Alien Employment Permit (AEP) with validity of more than 1 year
    • Special Resident Investors Visa (SRIV)
    • Special Resident Retirement Visa (SRRV)
    • For top 2000 companies, employment contract or letter from company HR printed on company letterhead with name, position and confirmation of term

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