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Redeem UnionBank Credit Card Rewards – Guide on How To Redeem

Guide on How To Redeem UnionBank Credit Card Points Rewards or Rebate

REDEEM UNIONBANK CREDIT CARD REWARDS – Here is a guide on how to redeem your points or rewards in your UnionBank credit card.

Banks do not only offer savings and deposit accounts. Most of them also got loans, credit card offers, investment products, insurance policies, and a lot more.

One of the banks with many offers to the public is the UnionBank Philippines. It has savings and deposit accounts, loans, credit cards, cash management services, and investment offers.

With regards to credit card, the bank got several types of credit card. It include the popular cards which are the Lazada Credit Card, the PlayEveryday, the Gold Visa Card, the Miles+ Platinum Visa Card, and the Platinum Master Card.

UnionBank Credit Card

UnionBank also offers travel credit cards that include the Cebu Pacific GetGo Platinum and Cebu Pacific GetGo Gold cards. Its cash back cards include the Platinum Mastercard and the Gold Mastercard.

The bank also has affinity, business, charity, lifestyle, and gas and auto credit cards. It also offers rewards cards such as the Lazada Credit Card, Platinum Visa Card, Classic Visa Card, PlayEveryday, and Gold Visa Card.

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The main feature of these UnionBank Credit Cards (Rewards) is it can give you cash rebate or points for every transactions. Accumulated points can be redeemed as rewards.

How to redeem UnionBank credit card rewards? According to the bank, you may request for rewards redemption by sending a rebate form to [email protected].

After sending the request to redeem your UnionBank credit card rewards, the bank may notify you on the status of your request. According to Unionbank, “cash rebates will be credited back to the corporate account”. With regard to gift certificates, you can redeem it in specific establishments or merchants.

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