Goldilocks Update Menu Pricelist for 2024

GOLDILOCKS – Here is the updated menu price list of the popular cake shop in the Philippines for the year 2024.

Goldilocks is a popular brand in the Philippines, famous for its delicious cakes, pastries, and Filipino delicacies. Established in 1966, ithas grown from a small bakeshop to a household name, bringing joy to countless celebrations with its delightful products.

Milagros Leelin-Yee and Clarita Leelin-Go, along with their sister-in-law, Doris Wilson-Leelin founded the bakeshop. They opened the first store on a humble street corner in Makati, Metro Manila.


The name “Goldilocks” was chosen for its association with the popular fairy tale character, symbolizing the sisters’ vision of bringing magical and delicious treats to their customers.

The store quickly gained popularity for its high-quality and delicious baked goods. The company expanded its product range to include not only cakes and pastries but also a variety of Filipino favorites such as polvoron, ensaymada, and lumpia.

The bakeshop’s success led to the opening of more branches across the Philippines, making it easily accessible to Filipinos nationwide.


Currently, the company has embraced online ordering and delivery services, making its products more accessible to a wider community.

Goldilocks Greetings Cakes

Pastel Blooms Choco 8×12₱794
Pastel Blooms Marble 9″ Round New₱529
Luscious Caramel 9″ Round₱679
Pastel Blooms Choco 9″ Round₱529
Pastel Blooms Mocha 8×12₱794
Pastel Blooms Mocha 9″ Round₱529

Goldilocks Premium Cakes

Маngo Dream₱794
Chocolate Cherry Torte₱794
BIack Forest Саke₱794
Royal Fudge СаКе with Тоblеronе₱794

Goldilocks Cake Rolls

Mocha Overload Whole Roll₱414
Dulce de Leche Whole₱414
Chocolate Overload Whole Roll₱414
Chocolate Whole Roll₱344

Goldilocks Snacks

Butter Macaroons 28s₱161
Classic Polvoron Box₱242
Butter Puto₱121
Butter Cake Slice₱42
Assorted Polvoron 12s₱98
Chocolate Cake Slice₱42
Cheesy Ensaymada₱41
Assorted Polvoron Box₱288
Fluffy Mamon₱34
Classic Polvoron 10s₱133

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