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Smart Unlimited 5G Promo Offered in These Selected Areas in PH

Guide on Areas Where Smart Unlimited 5G Promo Is Available & the Details About It

SMART UNLIMITED 5G PROMO – Smart Communications announced that it offers an unlimited 5G promo in selected areas in the Philippines.

The advancement in technology has undeniably placed the need for internet connection in a higher pedestal. In fact, a huge part of the populace now have internet data 24/7 most especially the working group and the students.

A lot of people in the Philippines now prefer using social media platforms in communicating with their loved ones living in aa different city or even abroad. Students also turn to online resources in fulfilling their school tasks most especially under blended learning now amid the COVID-19 pandemic. All these require internet connection.

One of the most popular internet provider in the Philippines is Smart Communications, the wireless unit of PLDT. Recently, it announced its offer of “Smart Unlimited 5G Promo” in selected areas.

Smart Unlimited 5G Promo
Photo: My Cebu

According to PLDT’s wireless unit, the Smart Unlimited 5G Promo is valid for seven (7) days and comes with a 2GB internet data for non-5G usage. It is at Php 299.00.

There is also another unlimited 5G promo which is at Php 599.00. It is valid for 30 days and comes with 12GB internet data for non-5G usage. Based on the report, if you want an unlimited 5G promo with a higher bundle for non-5G usage, you may turn to the Php 799.00 promo. It comes with 24 GB of internet data for non-5G usage.

According to Smart, the promo can be availed through its app which can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play. It is available in urban centers including the following areas:

  • Metro Manila
  • Angeles City
  • Baguio City
  • Cavite City
  • Clark City
  • Cebu City
  • Davao City

Based on the report, the subscriber must have a 5G-enabled headset and a 5G-ready sim card. The company has more than 2,300 5G sites across the nation and it designed its newest promo for an excellent experience for the Filipinos. It described it as its “most powerful offer” yet.

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