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Google-Samsung Team-Up For Wearable Platforms Like Smartwatch

Google-Samsung To Challenge Apple’s Wearable Platform Lead?

GOOGLE-SAMSUNG – Two (2) tech company giants, Google and Samsung, are teaming up for wearable platforms like smartwatch.

Technology has come a very long way and, undeniably, it has become a part of the lives of most people across the globe. It has provided entertainment and connected people even those who are thousands of miles away from each other.

A huge part of the populace now owns a mobile phone. Truths be told that mobile phones now are more widely used than telephones. It also provides a lot – from communication to entertainment to office work assistance and to a lot more.

Aside from mobile phones, another thing brought by technology are smartwatches. These wearables are what some people use in communicating most especially during travel.

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The leading company when it comes to wearables is Apple. However, the challenge to the tech giant may come soon as two (2) tech giants will team up for wearable platforms – the Google-Samsung joint forces.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the Google-Samsung team up was announced at the Google developer conference in California. For its wearables, Samsung will be using be using the Wear OS of Google to provide the best of the said OS and Tizen, its own platform.

According to Google Wear project director Bjorn Kilburn, they aim to combine the strengths of the two (2) tech giants to come up with products that offer faster performance, longer battery life, and apps that many people love.

Samsung vice president Janghyun Yoon expressed that the company continues to find ways to meet the changing demands of the consumers. That is the reason behind their partnership with Google for wearable platforms.

On its part, Google also continues to make its clients happy. Recently, it released a test version of Android 12. Around three (3) billion devices may benefit from it with increased options for customization and privacy settings.

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