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Goodyear Tire Company Faces Labor Issues in Malaysia

Foreign Workers of Goodyear in Malaysia Complain Against Tire Company

GOODYEAR – The American tire company is currently facing labor issues in Malaysia over the claims of its foreign employees.

One of the progressive businesses across the nation is tire manufacturing. More and more cars are crossing the roads now and the maintenance includes the changing of tires every now and then. There are companies that made a name in the field.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co is one of the firms known in the field of tire manufacturing. It has several branches in the different countries across the globe including the Philippines and Malaysia. However, in Malaysia, the company is currently facing labor issues.

Goodyear Malaysia
Photo: Carsifu

Reuters reported that foreign workers of Goodyear in Malaysia claimed that the tire manufacturing company did not pay them the rightful wages and benefits, implemented unlawful overtime, and got threats. The workers filed complaints against the company before the court.

According to the report, six (6) current and former employees of the tire company in Malaysia and officials of the country’s labor department said that the company allegedly made wrongful deductions in the salary of their employees. The company also faces allegation of denying their workers access to their passports.

It is not the first time that Goodyear in Malaysia is facing labor issues. In 2020, it was also fined by the labor department after 185 of its foreign workers filed three (3) complaints. The workers claimed that the company does not abide by the collective labor agreement.

The foreign workers claimed that they were denied of the benefits granted to the local staff. As for the company, they stressed that there are different rules among workers depending on certain factors. The verdict of the court was in favor of the workers and the tire company was ordered to pay their employees and abide by the collective agreement.

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