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PAL Airs Requests “Important for the Survival” of the Airline, Traveler Benefits

Update on PAL Status Following Bankruptcy Filing Abroad

PAL – The Philippine Airlines aired its requests to the government which are important for its survival and would benefit the travelers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected a lot of fields in most countries. One of the fields that suffered much amid the current situation now is the airline industry. Most countries implement travel restrictions that greatly affect flights across nations.

Unfortunately, the impact of the pandemic in the airline industry does not only affect the income of the businesses but as well as the jobs of the people employed in the field. Many pilots, flight attendants, and airline crew can hardly make ends meet due to the adjustments at work as well like the available duties.

One of the airlines greatly affected by the current situation is Philippine Airlines. In fact, to help mitigate the effects of the crisis, PAL previously filed for bankruptcy in New York.

Photo: Metro News Central

Recently, the Philippine Airlines aired its requests to the government for the survival of the airline and the benefits of the travelers. Based on a report on GMA News, PAL President Gilbert Santa Maria appealed to the government to make “prudent policies” that support the economy.

Santa Maria claimed that there is no sense in locking boarders and having zero COVID-19 cases but the economy is dead. The airline is asking for the restrictions to be in sync across the entire archipelago. According to him, it is important for the survival of the airline but he is not asking it on behalf of PAL but on behalf of those who need to fly.

The airline is asking the lifting of the restrictions for the fully vaccinate passengers and the increase on the cap of the inbound passengers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). It also requests the government to shorten the quarantine period required for fully vaccinated travelers from other countries.

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