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DOLE’s Call for Paid Quarantine Leaves for Workers Gets Palace Adviser’s Nod

DOLE Wants Additional Paid Leaves for Workers Affected by COVID-19

DOLE – Palace adviser Joey Concepcion expressed his support to the call of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) for paid isolation and quarantine leaves for workers.

Metro Manila is back under Alert Level 3 now following the increase in the daily recorded new cases of COVID-19 in several cities in the capital region. The authorities anticipated the increase in the cases because of the holiday activities of many people. A lot of individuals gathered in shopping malls and other public areas.

Furthermore, the implementation of the Alert Level 3 is part of the fight against the spread of the Omicron variant. First recorded in South Africa, it was reported to be a “heavily mutated” variant of COVID-19. The Philippines is one of the countries with confirmed cases of the said variant of concern.

Amid the implementation of Alert Level 3 in Metro Manila, thousands of workers lost their jobs. Some employees have no choice but to agree with lesser working days or shortened working hours which also affect their salary.


The Philippines is one a crisis for over two (2) years now and many Filipinos are financially struggling. A lot of people are also getting sick but some cannot leave work to take a rest because they are worried about their financial needs.

To help the workers, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is calling for employers to grant additional paid leaves for COVID-stricken workers. The Labor Department stressed that it is not an order but they are urging the businesses to be compassionate to their employees.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the said call of DOLE for more paid leave credits for COVID-stricken workers aside from their regular paid leave credits got the support of Palace Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion.

Concepcion stressed that he supports the call for paid isolation and quarantine leaves for workers but maintained that it must be voluntary on the part of the employers. He recognized that there are also businesses that are struggling to cope with the demands of the present situation to stay afloat. He is proposing that the private sector will only cover half of the paid isolation and quarantine leaves.

More updates may be posted soon…

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  • Erjhons Galicia January 19, 2022, 4:23 pm

    I’m erjhons fallan Galicia
    As Driver /personal Assistant, under of the company of my VIP, He is
    One of CEO ” of construction company here in Pasig city,
    As a frontliner and multitasking Employee , I will do my best to do my job to serve and protect my boss and his family, on this pandemic I’m one to go outside to buy and bring they all needs in here home ,I’m going to Buying groceries /loandrey/ going to market and malls and other appointments of the wife of my Boss like going to j&y/LBC ,car wash there car ,the most harder situation is I’m always late my lunch ..to serve them first . I serve also to there familys when they vecation from other countries. I serve also on the office after my job on there home,
    Assist the security guard and visitors coming in., Also in event Center I in charge in security assist to them and control the trofik some times Im ballet parking , I do my best to the company to they can reduce manpower overhead.
    Even on Christmast and new year I’m on duty to serve them ,but that’s ok no problem for my job ,my point now is I was sick 😷 sipon/ubo ,then on last few days in the morning around 8am I wass on the office on actually all employees was there on outside for swab testing before go to worked,
    In short my test was negative but ,
    On time that I stand up from my chair that i set , bigla Po ako nahilu then grabi po Ang pag susuka ko, lahat Ng kinain ko is isinuka ko.. around 9am pass nag suka ulit ako ng dugo mapulapula sya and nabulabula ..pa and nahilhilu Po talaga ako, I telling to HR dept . But they think is parang Wala lang parang nag iinarti daw po ako Lagi daw Ako my sakit !
    Now nag Paalam ako sa boss ko na uuwi ako and also to the HR, mt boss was say sige , nag pahinga lang ako kunti and umowi napo ako, kahit sa Bahay Tuloy padin pag suka ko Ang hapdi Ng tyan ko subra,
    Now by following they nag report Po ako sa boss ko on what my situations ,
    Ang Sabi nanaman sakin ay
    Baka hindi kana fit to work ,
    Mag patingen daw muna ako sa saint Luke’s hospital or sa ibang hospital, balik nalang daw Ako pag magaling naako.
    Tapos Pina pa turnover na ung mga gamit Ng hawak ko and also ung Motor na mio na service kopo,
    My point here is ganun ganun lang ba un, walang bayad Ang Araw ko ilang days napo ako walang trabaho ,Hindi ako makapag pa check up kc kolang na kolang ung pera ko para mag pagamut,
    Hindi man lang nila ako tulongan.
    Parang pag Wala kana silbi is parang Tae kana na iiwasan nila! I almost 5years here in my job nag tiis ako kc I love my job pero
    Un till now Hindi ako regular sa company nya, pilit akong Pina pa pirma Ng contrata as project base which is Hindi naMan pang project base Ang trabaho ko!
    Wala akong sick leave and Double pay.
    Actually binawasan payung sahud ko nung kasagsagan Ang COVID-19.
    laging sina sabi Ng boss ko under of the office of the president daw Ako pero ganito Ang pag Turing nila sakin!
    Ngaun ilang days nako walang work
    And Inu ubo Paako ,
    My question Po mam/sir is Myron Po ba akong makukuha sa company . Or my violations Po ba Ang company
    Maraming Salamat po mam/sir
    God blessed keep safe everyone

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