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Anesthesia Technician’s Salary in Kuwait – Here’s How Much You May Earn

Details on Anesthesia Technician’s Salary in Kuwait amid the Job Offers

ANESTHESIA TECHNICIAN’S SALARY IN KUWAIT – Here are some details on how much you may earn as an anesthesia technician in Kuwait.

Many Filipinos undeniably prefer to work abroad than stay in the country due to the bigger compensation for different jobs outside the Philippines. This case is true, especially for those who are in the medical field. What a nurse may earn in the Philippines may just be a little part of the compensation abroad.

However, there are also other factors to consider – like one’s strength to be away from his or her loved ones. Surely, nothing compares to the longing to be with your family and as well as the truth that some experiences may not be shared with them when you are far away from each other.

Meanwhile, many Filipinos are ready to endure being away from their loved ones for a few years in the pursuit to give them a comfortable life and a brighter future. There are a lot of job opportunities abroad now most especially for health workers.

Anesthesia Technician's Salary in Kuwait

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Kuwait is set to hire more than 100 Pinoy nurses and health workers as it had just built a huge hospital, the International Hospital Kuwait. They want the Filipino health workers to join their manpower recognizing the hard work of Pinoys.

One of the professions set to be hired for International Hospital Kuwait is the technician for anesthesia. They will be hiring five (5) people. How much is the anesthesia technician’s salary in Kuwait?

According to the report, the anesthesia technician’s salary in Kuwait ranges from Php 76,500.00 to Php 110,500.00 under the conversion rate of KWD1 = PHP 170, 100.00. Aside from the said monthly salary, there are also free transportation and free tickets to the Philippines after a contract of two (2) years.

To apply, you may send your resume to Philippine Human Resource Worldwide Employment Co. Submit CVs to Philippine Human Resource Worldwide Employment Co. 1812 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila or call 0956-088-8594 / 8518-8448. The exam and interview are scheduled on May 28 and 29, 2022 at Crown Regency Hotel in Makati City.

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