GCash Cash In Fee via Over-the-Counter, Online Banking, Remittance

List of GCash Cash In Fee Depending on Mode

GCASH CASH IN FEE – Here is a guide on how much you may be charged if you will cash in to GCash via over-the-counter, online banking, or remittance.

Nowadays, a lot of people do not put all their money in their physical wallets or bank accounts. The advanced technology now has brought along with it the development of virtual wallets that have hooked a lot of people.

In the Philippines, one of the most popular virtual wallets is GCash. Many Filipinos most especially those who are into business and online shopping have accounts in this financial platform.

GCash is under Mynt, a partnership of Globe Telecom, the Ayala Corporation, and the Ant Financial. It offers several digital financial technology services.

GCash Cash In Fee
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One of the usual queries of GCash holders is the GCash Cash In fee. It depends whether you are cashing in over-the-counter or through online banking or remittance. Here is a guide in the amounts that may be deducted if you will put money or someone will send money in your virtual wallet:

GCash Cash In Fee

via Online Banking

According to GCash, it is free of charge if you will cash in through BPI Online Banking or UnionBank Online Banking.

via Over-the-Counter

If you will cash in over-the-counter, it is free of charge until you will reach the P8,000 threshold. After the P8,000 limit, any amount you will cash-in will be charged 2% service fee. For example, if you cashed in P2,000 after the P8,000 limit, you will be charged P40.00.

via Remittance

According to GCash, getting remittances on the app is free of charge. The financing app has a lot of remittance partners.

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  1. Not recommended ang gcash. ang daming account ang nahahack. hindi pa nila alam magresolve ng mga reports eapecially about sa mga frauder. Malamamgmga empleyado din ng gcash ang mga hacker. not recommended para gamitin ito not safe


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