Cash Aid For All amid Oil Price Hikes? Malacañang in Favor of It But…

Malacañang Speaks on Cash Aid for All amid the Increases in Oil Prices

CASH AID FOR ALL – Malacañang spoke on its willingness to give the Filipinos cash assistance amid the oil price hikes but there is a problem.

A lot of Filipinos lost their jobs amid the COVID-19 crisis. Many businesses were also not able to cope with the demands of the pandemic and were left with no other choice but to temporarily or permanently shut down. Sadly, in many cases, the business owners permanently shut down their companies or stores as the losses are hard to gain back.

The COVID-19 pandemic really posted both health and financial struggles on several households in the Philippines. Unfortunately, aside from it, there are several challenges that the Filipinos are facing now.

Since January 2022, the prices of oil in the country kept on increasing and the series of oil price hikes took a big cut from the amount that public utility drivers (PUV) can supposedly bring home for their families.

Cash Aid For All
Photo Credit: Philippine Star

Private vehicle owners also struggle amid the oil price hikes. The usual budget for fuel no longer fits the current transportation needs for a week or month. Aside from the PUV drivers and private vehicle owners, businesses may also be affected by the increase in the prices of oil and it can further lead to the increase of the prices of prime commodities and services.

Based on a report on GMA News, Malacañang wants to give cash aid for all amid the oil price hikes in the Philippines. However, the Palace has a huge problem so it cannot release cash assistance to every household.

Speaking to Dobol B TV, acting presidential spokesperson Martin Andanar said that while the government wants to give cash aid for all amid the oil price hikes and the increase of the prices in prime commodities, it has no source of funds.

Furthermore, Andanar said that the government cannot suspend the excise tax on oil as it will lead to a loss of funds in several social services under the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

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