TIN Number Requirements Based on Source of Income — FULL LIST

Guide on TIN Number Requirements for Application

TIN NUMBER REQUIREMENTS – Here is a full list of the documents required by the BIR in requesting for a Tax Identification Number.

One of the documents that is usually part of the requirements in applying for a loan, making a residential property purchase, processing land titles, and a lot more is the TIN or the Tax Identification Number. Undeniably, while it may be redundant, it is more popularly called TIN Number.

TIN card
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The Tax Identification Number or TIN is issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. More popularly called BIR, it is the tax-collecting body in the Philippines. The TIN is released among many categories based on the source of income.

TIN Number Requirements
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All earning individuals in the Philippines must get a Tax Identification Number. Meanwhile, even the unemployed individuals may apply for a TIN even for a one-time purpose like for the payment of capital gain taxes.

The application for a TIN number application is open not only for Filipinos but as well as foreign nationals who make earnings in the Philippines. Self-employed individuals like freelancers, professionals, sole proprietor, and online sellers may also apply for TIN.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue has also set different lists of TIN Number requirements for application among the mixed-income individuals, local and foreign estates in the Philippines, Filipino-owned and foreign-owned corporations in the country, and persons registering under EO 98 to be able to transact with other government offices.

Individuals who will be needing a Tax Identification Number for the purpose of paying for the capital gains tax, donor’s tax, estate tax, and even tax on winnings may apply for the TIN.

As mentioned, there are different TIN number requirements for application depending on the source of income or purpose of getting for the important document. Here is a guide that you may take:

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