DSWD Medical Cash Aid 2024 — Features & Requirements for Application

Guide on DSWD Medical Cash Aid 2024 for Filipinos in Crisis

DSWD MEDICAL CASH AID 2024 – You can check here the features under the Medical Cash Assistance offer and the requirements.

One of the most challenging situations that a person or a family can be in is when one of the family members gets confined or faces a medical problem amid poverty. The medical treatment as well as purchase of medicines may require a huge amount to take.

Meanwhile, in the case of some Filipinos, there is the DSWD Medical Cash Aid offer under the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) program. The cash assistance offer aims to assist the qualified individuals in any of the following:

  • Hospital Bill
  • Medicine and assistive device purchase
  • Laboratory or medical operation

How much a recipient may get under the DSWD Medical Cash Aid offer? The amount varies but it can be up to Php 10,000 depending on the medical case. The social welfare department assesses the following factors:

Who are qualified to apply for the DSWD Medical Cash Aid offer? It is open for several individuals. Here is a guide on the coverage of the cash assistance offer in terms of the qualifications:

  • workers under government contracts
  • poor families and individuals in the informal sector listed on DSWD Listahan
  • patients of cancer and other chronic illnesses like tuberculosis, heart diseas, stroke, leprosy, and kidney failure
  • disabled individuals for the cases of hospitalization, medication, surgery, and therapy
  • patients confined in a mental institution due to a mental illness including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and major depressive disorder
  • those who have no financial capacity to pay for their medical expenses
  • victims of natural disasters like floods, typhoons, landslides, and earthquakes

In applying for the DSWD Medical Cash Aid offer, the requirements depends on the case of the patient. It is important to submit a complete list of documents required by the social welfare department.

Requirements for DSWD Medical Cash Aid

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