Requirements for GSIS Retirement Benefit Retiring Members Must Submit to File Claim

Lists of Requirements for GSIS Retirement Benefit Claim Application

Here are the requirements for the GSIS Retirement Benefit that retiring members must submit in filing for a claim.

Are you one of the thousands, if not millions, of GSIS members who want to ensure that you will be eligible for the GSIS Retirement Benefit in the future? Undeniably, among the many benefits offered by the state-run social insurance institution, it is the one that the members look forward to the most.

An active and updated membership to the Government Service Insurance System is a requirement among the employees of the government. Most often, the government employees’ GSIS contribution are deducted from the payroll.

Upon the reaching the age of 60 or even prior to it, a GSIS member may already qualify to at least one (1) of the Retirement Programs of the state entity. These programs are the following:

  1. RA 8291 (GSIS Act of 1997)
  2. Presidential Decree (PD) 1146 (Pension or Cash Payment)
  3. RA 1616 (“Take All” Benefit)
  4. RA 660 (Magic 87)

If you want to apply for any of these GSIS Retirement Benefit Programs, there are requirements for GSIS Retirement Benefit claim application that must be submitted to the state-run social insurance agency. Here are the documents needed:

  • Duly accomplished application form for Retirement/Separation/Life Insurance Benefit
  • Service Record with Leave without Pay (LWOP) certification (indicating specific time and dates of LWOP)
  • Declaration of Pendency/ Non-Pendency of Case (DPNPC) form (date administered/ notarized should be on or after receipt of notification from GSIS.
GSIS Retirement Benefit Application

With regards to the application process, there are several options on how you can actually file your claim for the GSIS Retirement Benefit.

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