GSIS LOANS: List of GSIS Loan Offers Members Can Apply For

List of GSIS Loans that Members of the Gov’t Insurance Institution Can Apply For

GSIS LOANS – Here is a list of the loan offers of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) members can apply for.

In the Philippines, it is to the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) that most employees of the public agencies and sectors pay for their monthly contribution for insurance. The said state-run institution offers a lot of benefits to its members.

Under the GSIS, members may avail for a pension when they reach the retirement age provided that they have also reached the number of monthly contributions posted. The members also have compulsory insurance policies securing their future.

A GSIS member may apply for the Life Endowment Policy (LEP) or the Enhanced Life Policy (ELP). The former is an insurance that covers the member while he or she within active service while the latter provides a death benefit to the family of the deceased member.

Aside from the retirement benefit and the insurance policy coverage, the other offers of the social insurance institution includes the GSIS Loans.

GSIS Loans

Based on the official website of the Government Service Insurance System, there are at least three(3) GSIS Loans that members of the institution can apply for. Here is a list of the loan offers:

1. Consolidated Loan

The GSIS Consolidated Loan or more commonly known as Conso-Loan is perfect for members who wanted to combine their existing loans to a single loan. You may apply for the consolidation of salary, emergency, and summer one-month salary loans and avail the automatic condonation of the penalties or surcharges (for first time applicants).

2. Policy Loan

According to the GSIS, under the Policy Loan, a member may avail the loan program under his or her insurance policy. The interest rate is at 8% and the amount can be paid in monthly amortization.

3. Emergency Loan

One of the GSIS Loans is the Emergency Loan which is intended for members of the social insurance institution that are affected by calamities. Usually, the institution posts the list of the areas wherein the residents may avail the said type of loan. For the areas eligible for it this May-June, visit –

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