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GSIS Computer Loan Offer – Who Are Eligible To Apply For It

Guide on GSIS Computer Loan Offer Eligibility Requirements

GSIS COMPUTER LOAN OFFER – Here is a guide on who are eligible to apply for Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Computer Loan.

Undeniably, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. the purchase of computers and other items like printers and scanners surges. It is because many are on a work from home scheme and most students are enrolled to online classes.

School authorities and parents prefer to let the students stay at their houses amid the COVID-19 pandemic for lesser exposure. In order not to hamper their education, blended learning is offered.

On the employment aspect, several companies allowed the work-from-home scheme. In this way, it is both safe and convenient for the employees as the pandemic really brought a lot of changes in the society.

GSIS Computer Loan Offer

Amid the increase on the number of workers under a work from home scheme and students’ enrollment to online classes, the Government Service Insurance System got the GSIS Computer Loan offer.

Who are eligible to apply for GSIS Computer Loan offer? To be eligible, the member-borrower must:

  • be an active member of GSIS
  • have paid at least three months of premium
  • be on a permanent appointment
  • not be on a leave of absence without pay
  • be having no charges or cases
  • be having no arrears or previous loans that must be paid through GSIS Financial Assistance Loan (GFAL)
  • be having no past due except for housing loan

To apply, you may visit the nearest branch of GSIS. You may also make your application through an extension office of the government agency.

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