GSIS Pension Loan Interest Rate Implemented by Institution

Guide on GSIS Pension Loa Interest Rates

GSIS PENSION LOAN INTEREST – Here is a guide on the interest rate implemented by the Government Service Insurance System on the GSIS Enhanced Pension Loan offer.

In the Philippines, the government employees and those who are working in the public sector are members of the Government Service Insurance System or more commonly called GSIS. It is a social insurance institution where members make a monthly savings.

Accumulated savings or contributions to the social insurance institution qualifies a member for its offers and benefits. One of these is the retirement benefit.

GSIS Pension Loan Interest

Almost everyone would surely want a continuous source of finances even after retiring from work someday. You can have it through a pension – one of the offers under the GSIS Retirement Benefit.

Under a pension, you will receive an amount monthly from your savings when you were still working. It is apart from several other privileges for pensioners like the GSIS Christmas Cash Gift every December.

GSIS also has an Enhanced Pension Loan offer for its members. Do you want to check on the requirements and loanable amount under it? Feel free to visit – GSIS Pension Loan – the Maximum Loanable Amount Increased.

According to GSIS, the loan is payable for up to 24 months. The amount is fixed and it will automatically be deducted from the monthly pension of the borrower.

With regards to the GSIS pension loan interest rate, it is 10%. The social insurance institution only approves applications of those pensioners who have “at least 25% resulting net monthly pension after loan deduction”.

For a guide on how to apply online, feel free to visit – GSIS Loan Online Application – How To Apply Online & Requirements.

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