Pag-IBIG Cash Loan Requirements if Filing Through A Representative — A GUIDE

List of Pag-IBIG Cash Loan Requirements in Applying for Multi-Purpose Loan

PAG-IBIG CASH LOAN REQUIREMENTS – You can check here a guide on the documents required for loan applications to be filed by representatives.

One of the state entities with millions of members is the Pag-IBIG Fund. It is operating in the Philippines for decades already and its member populace is composed of individuals coming from different walks of life:

  • locally-employed individuals
  • self-employed individuals
  • overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)
  • voluntary members
Pag-IBIG Fund
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The members of the Pag-IBIG Fund must pay the monthly contribution to maintain an active account to the state entity. The rate varies depending on what is implemented by the Fund as approved under the law.

In return, the Pag-IBIG members have access to several loan offers of the Fund. Among these are the Multi-Purpose Loan, Calamity Loan, and Housing Loan. Undeniably, the Fund is most popular for the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan that has helped countless people acquire residential properties.

Pag-IBIG Cash Loan Requirements

In the case of needing extra funds to meet several purposes, qualified members may apply for the Pag-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan or also called the Pag-IBIG cash loan. Under it, a qualified individual may borrow an equivalent of up to 80% of his/her Pag-IBIG Regular Savings.

Under the said cash loan offer, the Pag-IBIG cash loan requirements include both qualifications and documentary requirements for application. Here are the eligibility requirements in applying for the loan offer:

  • at least twenty-four (24) monthly membership savings under the Pag-IBIG Regular Savings program
  • in active membership, by having at least one (1) monthly membership savings within the last six (6) months prior to the date of loan application
  • If with an existing Pag-IBIG Housing Loan, MPL and/or Calamity Loan, the account/s must not be in default
  • with a reliable source of income

In applying for the Multi-Purpose Loan offer, the loan application may be filed by a representative. Here are the Pag-IBIG cash loan requirements for application:

  • Authorization Letter
  • valid IDs of both parties
  • duly-accomplished Pag-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan
  • proof of income:
    • If employed:
      • The “Certificate of Net Pay” portion at the back of application form must be accomplished by the employer; or
      • photocopy of one (1) month latest payslip duly authenticated by the company’s authorized signatory
    • If self-employed:
      • ITR, Audited Financial Statements, and Official Receipt of tax payment from bank supported with DTI Registrant and Mayor’s Permit/Business Permit (1 Photocopy)
      • Commission Vouchers reflecting the issuer’s name and contact details (for the last 12 months) (1 Original)
      • Bank Statements or passbook for the last 12 months (1 Original)
      • Certified True Copy of Transport Franchise issued by appropriate government agency (LGU for tricycles, LTRFB for other PUVs) (1 Original)
      • Certificate of Engagement issued by the owner of business (1 Original)
      • Original Notarized Affidavit of Income

To apply, visit a branch of the Pag-IBIG Fund and submit the Pag-IBIG cash loan requirements for application.

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