PhilHealth Dialysis Benefit Package — Board Approves Increase on Rate Per Session

Guide on PhilHealth Dialysis Benefit Package for Members

PHILHEALTH DIALYSIS BENEFIT PACKAGE – The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation’s Board approved the propose increase of rate for dialysis sessions.

Millions of Filipinos rely to the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, more popularly known as PhilHealth, for their health insurance. It is a state-entity with a comparably lower fees for a health insurance compared to the policies offered by private insurance companies.


In the Philippines, employed individuals in the public and private sectors are also mandated to maintain an active membership to PhilHealth. It is done by regularly posting PhilHealth monthly contribution depending on the rate set by the state entity.

PhilHealth Dialysis Benefit Package
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An active membership to PhilHealth can be your safety net against unforeseen medical emergencies. Truth be told that hospital confinement nowadays is no joke. A lot of people try as much as they can to avoid hospital admission because of the huge rates that they may be charged.

If you have an active membership account to PhilHealth and the inevitable happens, at least, you have something to turn to in settling your hospital bills. The coverage depends on the account of the member as well as the package availed.

Aside from being a health emergency preparation of countless Filipinos, a lot of Pinoys with kidney problems also rely to their PhilHealth membership for their medication. There is a PhilHealth Dialysis Benefit Package for the members.

Previously, for every session of hemodialysis, the package rate is at Php 2,600. Recently, PhilHealth announced that there will be an increase on the rate following the Board’s approval of the recommendation of Benefits Committee Chairperson OIC Assistant Secretary Albert Domingo.

The PhilHealth Dialysis Benefit Package is raised from Php 2,600 to Php 4,000 for each session of the treatment. Aside from it, the Department of Health also announced that the Board also gave its approval “for catheter insertion and blood transfusion payments that may be claimed separate from the main case rate for admission”.

While PhilHealth has a bigger case rate now for hemodialysis patients, it is still the wisest move for individuals without a kidney disease to take the extra mile to prevent kidney problems and several other health conditions.

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