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AXA Health Start – Features & Benefits of this Health Insurance Offer

Guide on AXA Health Start Features & Benefits

AXA HEALTH START – Here is a guide on the features and benefits of Health Start, an insurance policy offer of AXA Philippines.

Nowadays, a health insurance is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your loved ones. This safety net in times of emergencies can really do a lot and a lot of people only realize it when an unforeseen scenario takes place.

Truths be told that there are times that no matter how hard we try to be healthy, there are health conditions that are considered as “traitor”. They can take away life instantly – and your death may also be the end of your dreams for your family if you are not prepared.

Getting health insurance is one of the things you can do to prepare for an unforeseen future. AXA Philippines is one of the entities which has the said offer.

AXA Health Start

In fact, AXA has several health insurance offers. One of them is the AXA Health Start. By just paying as low as Php 1,500.00 every month, you are sure to have something to turn to in case unforeseen incidents take place.

Features and Benefits of Metrobank Health Start:

  • Critical Condition Coverage. These includes cancer, stroke, heart attack, and the early stages of critical conditions.
  • Child Coverage. The child of the insured has a coverage against child critical conditions.
  • Return of Premium. Upon reaching 75 years old, the premiums minus the claims will be returned to the insured.
  • Life Insurance Coverage. In case of sudden death of the insured, the family will receive a plan benefit.
  • Flexible Payment Terms. You may pay for it for either 10 years or 20 years.
  • Joint Cover. Two (2) lives may be covered under a single health plan.

Are you interested to get this health insurance offer? You may visit the official website of AXA Philippines.

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