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Manulife Education Insurance – Features & Benefits of “Education Builder”

Guide on Manulife Education Insurance Offer “Education Builder” Features

MANULIFE EDUCATION INSURANCE – Here is a guide on the features and benefits of “Education Builder”, a plan offer of Manulife.

One of the things that most parents want to secure is the education of the children. Although it is not the only ticket to a comfortable life, it can be a great help for your child to have a bright future.

Of course, most parents do not only want their children to finish their studies but to be able to take the course they want. Truths be told that many people are not really into their profession but they took the course due to financial incapabilities.

If you want to secure the education of your children and to make sure they have the liberty to choose the path they want to take in the future, you may get an educational insurance.

Manulife Educational Insurance

Manulife is one of the companies that have insurance policy offers. It is one of the trusted firms in the Philippines when it comes to insurance policies.

The Manulife educational insurance is “Education Builder”. It offers peace of mind that whatever happens in the future, the education of your child is secured and he or she has the freedom to go after her heart in choosing the course to take.

Features and Benefits of Manulife Educational Insurance “Educational Builder”:

  • Save up for the future. With Educational Builder, you can start saving for the tuition fees of your child. When the time comes and he or she is already in college, your child has the freedom to choose between a four-year or five-year course without financial status playing as a factor.
  • Enjoy protection with your investment. In case the payor faces disability or unexpected demise, the premiums may be waived. You may arrange it with Manulife that your child will get financial support during his minor years.
  • Enjoy flexibility in your investment. You have the freedom to choose the payment modes and term that is convenient for you.

Do you want to purchase the said Manulife life insurance offer? The insurance firm has not stated its price but you may reach out to the company through its official website – Manulife.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this Manulife insurance offer. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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