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Philam Life Insurance – Full List of Plan Offers & their Features

Guide on Philam Life Insurance Policy Offers

PHILAM LIFE INSURANCE – Here is a full list of the life plans offered by Philam Life and the excellent features under each policy.

Are you planning to get a life insurance? This kind of policy does not only benefit the insured but as well as the family and loved ones. This is why most breadwinners really get at least one life insurance.

Most life insurance policies got disability and death benefits. In the event that the insured meets an incident that leads to disability or death, the family will receive a cash benefit that can help them get on with life.

A life insurance brings peace of mind most especially if you are the one supporting your family financially. It proves that not even disability nor death can stop you from wanting and pushing a comfortable life for your family.

Philam Life Insurance

Philam Life is one of the companies with several policy offers. Each bears excellent features.

With regards to the Philam life insurance policy offers, there are five (5) offers – Guardian, Family Secure, Family Provider, Active Family Provider, and the AIA All-In-One.

Philam Life Insurance Policy Offers

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