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Flexi Finance Cash Loan – How Many Months of Employment Is Required in Applying

Guide on How Many Months An Applicant Must Be Employed to Be Eligible for Flexi Finance Cash Loan

FLEXI FINANCE CASH LOAN – Here is a guide on how many months of employment is required in applying for the said loan offer of Flexi Finance.

Recently, several lending companies have risen to fame in the Philippines because of their excellent offers. One of them is Flexi Finance which offers different types of loans to the public.

Flexi got a product loan offer for those who wanted to buy a gadget, an appliance, a furniture, or any item present in the partner stores of the lending firm. Under this offer, you do not need to prepare a huge amount. You just have to prepare at least 30% of the selling price of the product for the downpayment.

Another offer is the Flexi Finance Cash Loan offer. It is a multi-purpose loan offer that can help you in making ends meet, traveling, purchasing an item that is not present in the partner stores of the lending firm, etc.

Flexi Finance Cash Loan

The said Flexi Finance loan offer may be available for the existing and the former clients of the lending firm. Its availability is made-known through an SMS or a notice sent to the e-mail address.

Requirements in Applying…

  • Filipino citizenship
  • Valid IDs (To see the list of acceptable IDs, visit – Flexi Finance Loans)
  • 3 Months of Employment

Do you want to know how much you can borrow under the said loan offer? You may visit this page – FLEXI FINANCE CASH LOAN – How Much You Can Borrow Under This Offer.

To apply for the said loan offer, you may visit any booth of Flexi Finance to be assisted in applying. Be sure to bring your valid IDs with you.

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