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FLEXI FINANCE LOANS – Full List of Loan Offers of Flexi Finance

Guide on the Flexi Finance Loans You May Apply For

FLEXI FINANCE LOANS – Here is a full list of the loan offers of Flexi Finance that you may apply for and a guide on the application process under each.

Recently, several lending companies have rose to fame in an abrupt manner. One of them is the Flexi Finance. Are you familiar with the said lending firm?

Flexi Finance has deployed several agents in most shopping malls in the Philippines. These employees are tasked to assist those who wanted to apply for their offers. They have several excellent offers that are well-sought by the public.

In this article, we will compile the Flexi Finance loans you may apply for. Also, pages that features these offers would be linked so you can check on how to apply for them including the requirements in applying.

Flexi Finance Loans

Flexi Finance Product Loan

The main loan offer of Flexi Finance is the product loan. This offer allows the client to bring home his or her desired device, appliance, furniture, or anything sold in a partner store of the lending firm.

Under this loan offer, the client only need to prepare a little amount which would serve as the downpayment. The rest of the balance of the selling price of the item will be paid by the lending firm.

There would be interest in the repayment of the loan. It would be affected by factors such as the selling price, the downpayment, and the loan term. Do you want to apply for it? You may visit – Flexi Finance Product Loan – How To Apply for Loan To Purchase An Item.

Flexi Finance Cash Loan

If you need some cash, Flexi Finance can also be your turn-to. It has a cash loan offer for personal purposes like traveling, purchasing something that is not sold in its partners stores, funding a project, etc.

Just like the product loan, there are minimal requirements in applying for this loan offer. To check on how to apply and what you have to prepare, feel free to visit – FLEXI FINANCE CASH LOAN – How To Apply & Requirements To Prepare in Applying.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this matter. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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