Home Credit Loan – Here’s Guide If You Wish To Buy Multiple Items under 1 Loan

Details about the Home Credit Loan (Product Financing)

HOME CREDIT LOAN – Do you wish to buy multiple items under a single product loan to the lending company?

Home Credit Philippines is now one of the most popular lending companies in the country. It has also built a solid partnership with several brands and business establishments thus it can be found in almost all shopping malls across the nation.

Home Credit offers several loans. It is most known for its product financing service offer which helped a lot of people obtain their dream gadget or appliance even without paying for these things on a one-time full payment. They applied to Home Credit which financed majority of the purchase of the product.

The borrower only needs to prepare 30% of the total price of the item as downpayment. The rest or the balance will be paid by Home Credit which the client will repay in monthly installments based on the term agreed on.

Home Credit Loan
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According to the lending company, under the Home Credit loan for products, you can get up to three (3) items that are not of the same type. Most partner stores of the firm offer bundles. All applications are subject for approval.

There is no collateral needed in applying for the product loan offer. You only need to prepare at least two (2) valid IDs. You can purchase an item of any brand provided that it is available on the partner store.

Meanwhile, if the items you wish to purchase is not available at any partner store of Home Credit Philippines, you might like to consider applying for a cash loan to obtain some money to buy your target item. Do you have an existing product loan to the lending company and you wish to apply for a cash loan? Feel free to visit – Home Credit Cash Loan: Can I Apply For It Even If I Have Existing Product Loan?.

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