Home Credit Card Membership Fee & Interest Rates on Swipe

Guide on Home Credit Card Membership Fee & Interest Rates when Using the Card for Purchases

HOME CREDIT CARD MEMBERSHIP FEE – You can check here the details about the credit card offer of Home Credit Philippines for eligible clients.

Amid the massive success of the Home Credit Product Loan, the international consumer finance provider did not stop with it. It continually grew its offers which now includes a credit card of its own.

The Home Credit Card comes by offers to previous and existing clients with good credit records. Most credit cards come with membership fees or annual fees and you might be wondering of there is also a Home Credit Card membership fee.

Yes, there is a monthly membership fee for the cardholders of the Home Credit Card. The fee is the charge “for the right to use its credit card and acquire access to other membership benefits”.

Meanwhile, the Home Credit Card membership fee only starts to apply after you made your first transaction using your card. Thus, your card may be activated but there will be no charges while it remains unused.

However, with regards to the exact amount for the membership fee, it will only be reflected on your SOA or your Statement of Account. With regards to the interest rates, the bank charges zero interest on purchases made for up to 45 days.

With regards to big purchases that are not under the installment plans of Home Credit, the interest rate will be charged at 3% which is lower than the interest rates on their previous plan offers. The cardholder is given the option on how much to pay monthly as long as it is not lower than the 7% of the unpaid balance or Php 700, whichever is higher. The unpaid balance will be charged as low as 1% monthly.

Are you wondering if there is a cash advance feature in using the Home Credit Card?

Home Credit Card Cash Advance

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